About Me

smart, strong, a good team player

Senior .Net Core and React.js developer|Micro service architecture|Docker professional |No SQL |SQL Server

My experience and developing skills have been starting from primary school by doing a little bit of coding in Dos environment, I loved to learn how codes translate into machine language and how computers understand those.

That was the first motivation for me to come up with studying Information technology at university and find out the secrets behind those mysteries.

I tried to challenge myself anytime so I joined the soccer 3d robotic team at university to teach nao robots to stand up, walk, shoot and etcetera with Genetic algorithms and unsupervised learning methods of machine learning. During my studies and researches at university, I was starting to work with companies like IRISA to learn how to use my programming knowledge in industrial environments so my student time gave me a very strong knowledge and experience of programming and being a team member.