Metaverse What is it? How to use it? How to make a profit?


Most of us remember the first days of faced with the Internet, and for all of us it was like a black box, it was kind of magic how it was possible to connect to another place, How it’s possible to send images as zero and one across the world, How it is possible to read lots of books or search over lots of information that is already exists there? And Where is that information! Are those located in a single huge building or in a single city or county?

Internet in Metaverse

We all had faced some new concepts like ISP, dial-up cards, Search engines, Email, Chat rooms and etc, but nowadays all these concepts are so normal, and not knowing them is so strange.

I told all this to just simply say Metaverse these days is like the Internet in the 2000s, but a day it will be a routine tool in our life, but keep in mind, the sooner you know about it the more you have a chance to make a profit of it. So be with me to go deep into this amazing technology and see why would we spend time or money on it and how we can do that!

What the Metaverse is?

In simplest terms “Is a virtual reality world” with some more cool features than what we heard about virtual reality before.

Previously all of us known virtual reality as something that needs VR headsets and just provides kind of 3d games or 3d videos and gives you a sense of being on a roller-coster or being in the International Space Station but now there are a lot more in Metaverse that are available for you like :

  • It is possible to buy property like land or other digital assets
  • You interact with other people in Metaverse
  • Investing is another fabulous feature of this new world

And Freedom might be the coolest thing in Metaverse that attract lots of teenagers these days, I'm going to go in deep into all those as much as possible in this article but I bet, you will end up with an exciting feeling to read more and more about it.

Many experts believe the Metaverse concept firstly was introduced in “Snow Crash” novel by Neal Stephenson in 1992 In movies like “Ready Player One” or platforms like VRChat there was some footage of the Metaverse idea but I think firstly it got viral after Mark Zuckerberg changed the Facebook name to Meta and promoting their new commitment to developing metaverse in 2021, by then lots of people start to talking and investing in Metaverse.

In Metaverse :

  • You could interact with people
  • You could interact with objects
  • You could own a plot of land
  • You could build a virtual building on that land
  • You could also own  digital assets

How many Metaverse are exists?

There is no single Metaverse if you think of our physical world, there is a planet. So you have to choose your Metaverse and based on your Metavese use either your computer or a virtual reality headset (like Oculus 2 )

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Where is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is located on the Internet and could be arranged based on either one owned by big companies like Meta or Microsoft or ones decentralized on the blockchain more especially on Web3 and no single company owns them like Decetraland and Sandbox

Web3 is an iteration of the Internet that functions on decentralization through blockchain technology.

What the currency is used in Metaverse?

In Metaverse, you should not accept any type of currency except Cryptos, so if you are going to invest in it you have to be familiar with Cryptocurrencies which is out of this article.

For example in Decentraland native currency is MANA but each platform has its own sets.

How to Invest in Metaverse and Metaverse value?

Probably firstly you ask what would I spend money on this nowhere planet! Or what are the values in it?

The Metaverse was valued at over 40B$ in the year of 2020 but experts predict will soon rich value of 800B by the 2024 and 10-30T (Trillion) value within 10-15 years. Yes, you have read correctly, The supper rich value of 30T in not so far future.

But what are the ways of investment in this amazing business?

  1. Stock :

 Investing in companies that are working on building and bolstering Metaveres, Huge Metaverse stock that is worth taking a look over them are:

  • Meta
  • Metterport
  • Unity
  • NVidia
  • Autodesk
  • Qualcomm
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Meta ETG

2.Land :

Lands in real-world are safe profitable places to invest and that feature was inherited by Metaverse also, It is possible to invest not only in lands but also in real estates or virtual homes, however, unlike real world there is no longer competition for precious and the value actually comes from the value of platform and usages of a space.

Use of spaces could be

  • Event space
  • Office space
  • Virtual advertising

 How to buy/invest in lands in Metaverse

  1. Get digital money
  2. Select platform
  3. Buy directly inside the Metaverse platform
  4. Or buy through third-party platforms like or
  5. Executing an offer
  6. If there is already a set price, just click “Buy”
  7. Sometimes you make an offer and the owner accepts or rejects

Appraisals in the Metaverse

  1. Values are still variable and speculative
  2. Definitely need more money than before

The biggest decentralized verses are Decentraland which has more than 19601 parcels of land and if you minded buying something there all you would need to do is go to one 3rd party website like Opensea or do that through Decentraland.

There are plenty of platforms (Metavereses) that are possible to buy land there like:

  • Decentraland
  • Somnium space
  • Crypto voxel
  • The Sandbox

3.NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens)

Invest in virtual assets like pictures, videos, drawings, and everything else known as NFT, by buying a valuable NFT at a low price and then sell in a high price you could make a good and an easy profit from them and this is not the only way of investing on NFTs, you can create your own NFT if you are a digital artist or painter.

Metaverse cryptos also could be profitable and you can buy those cryptos from online exchanges, some Metaverse cryptos that might have a bright future are

  1. MANA (Decentraland crypto)
  2. SAND (The Sandbox crypto)
  3. ENJ (Enjin coin blongs to a gaming platform)

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